Palm Z22

In memory of:

Palm Z22 was my first and also the only handheld I ‘ve ever had. It was a fantastic device. The resolution of the touch screen was unbelievable: 160 x 160! It already had a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. One could wonderfully administer contacts, appointments, tasks and memos and synchronise with Outlook (via HotSync / USB) and vice verse. It contained a simple calculator. Moreover, one could play “great” games like Crazy Daisy, Solitaire or Chess. I think I’ve paid 99€ in 2005. The Z22 was a loyal companion for almost 2 years. However, in the age of mobile phones such devices have fallen out of fashion. Hence, with dismay I had to find out yesterday that there doesn’t exist a driver for Windows 8 64 bit. I am very sad as you can imagine 🙂 ! In case you have better information or you are able to (or you already have) build a driver, please let me know! Other comments are also appreciated!


More infos:


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