Brother MFC-7820N and Windows 8

Brother7820NI’ve bought the All-In-One printer “Brother MFC-7820N” in 2007. By far the MFC-7820N is the best printer I’ve ever had. The device is an A+ with asterisks for home use and small business. Although I quite often use the printer, I still have in use the first toner cartridge. MFC-7820N is able to copy, fax, print and scan. Duplex functionality is the only thing I miss from time to time.

Brother provides a Windows 7/64bit – driver that supports printing and scanning via network. Now I discovered that unfortunatly scanning on Windows 8/64bit only works via USB. Printing still works via network. The driver comes out of the box with Windows 8. Requesting Brother gave the same result:

“Since we are not planning to develop a driver for Windows 8, scanning only works via local USB connection with the built-in Windows 8 driver.”

The printer is now approximately 5 years old. No eternity for a printer. Nevertheless, Brother doesn’t support this printer on the latest Microsoft OS professionally. I’ve heard that other manufacturers provide drivers significantly longer. I think that one should definitely take that into account for future purchase decisions.


17 thoughts on “Brother MFC-7820N and Windows 8

  1. I also love my MFC-7820N and was disheartened that it wouldn’t scan across the network on my Windows 8 machine. I found your page while searching for a solution and ultimately got it to work. Here’s how:

    1) Download the “Full Driver and Software Package” for Windows 7 (32/64 as appropriate to your system) from the Brother site.

    2) do a custom install and make sure to un-check the printer driver (you don’t want to overwrite the functional Windows 8 printer driver with the Windows 7 version!) and *only* install the scanner drivers.

    3) Control Center 3 will now run and you can scan across the network using the WIA setting (TW doesn’t work).

    Hope that helps!

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  3. Thanks Craig. I just did the same thing, except I didn’t install Control Center, I just installed the Scanner driver/software. Seems to be working fine and I can scan from within Adobe Acrobat across the network.

  4. Thanks Craig, after upgrading to a windows 8 computer, I could no longer scan and create a pdf with my Brother MFC-7820N printer, and Brother just told me they have no plans to release a driver to support that, and told me to call Microsoft. After much work searching the web for a solution, I finally found your post, downloaded Brother driver for windows 7 (scanner and control center only, not the printer driver) and I can create pdf’s through Control Center once again. Thanks!!

  5. Thanks Craig, You prevented my Brother MFC-7820N from becoming “rusty iron” when upgrading my computers from Windows XP to Windows 8

  6. And not just the scanning works through the driver from Windows 7, but also the faxing from the PC over the network! Thanks for this tip!

  7. Thanks to Craig Boas for the solution, and thanks to Dr. Dieter Knabben for keeping the blog post up! My MFC-7820N lives on! (BTW, this works in 8.1 as well.)

  8. I faced with the same problem in Windows 8 and took the Craig Boas’s advice. But when 8.1 came I stuck. And found the better (as I think) solution. Take the full package driver (network printing and scanning) from MFC-7440N model. It totally works and now I’m happy to get back in work.

  9. I’m using the 7820 connected to a server and the (old) Win7-drivers are doing their jobs (scanning an sending faxes) very well.
    -> Vitaly: did you test the 7440- (GDI)- drivers in a server-client- setting or only locally?

    • I tested it as the network printer/scanner and it works ok. So… I couldn’t say that this type of connection is local. Coz local is connection via USB. OS on my desktop is Win8.1 . I don’t know how works windows based servers coz I use linux but haven’t setup 7820N under CUPS yet. It will be the final stage in fighting with lazy Brother company 🙂

  10. There is another way to get your scanner work in wondows 8 or 8.1, it’s called Brother print&scan. Brother’s officcial software for app marketplace. There are similar for android market, appstore, and microsoft marketplace. You can print and scan from virtually any of your devices.
    In case of win 8 just make a search in windows market for “brother print” or use link

    Application allows you to use basic print scan features of MFC-7820N or any other compatible brother device. It does NOT provide TWAIN drivers for other applications, and does not have so much scanning parameters, but is easy to use.

    Please note – it scans only while application is in active window. If you switch to other application during scan operation it could hang.

  11. Thanks for all the tips! I agree that the 7820N has been a wonderful little printer over the years. Going to try the fixes above…

  12. I wish Brother Support would at least pass along the fact that the Win 7 drivers will work under Windows 8.1

    I have spend 6 weeks before find this answer and it works perfectly. I have a MFC-8860DN and not I can print / fax / scan all to a Network connected device.

    What I do not understand is if the Win 7 drivers are able to work why Brother can get an ‘official’ 8.x driver out there. I have had the same experience as others here with Brother Support, totally useless and uncaring.

  13. Roman, I didn’t think Brother Print & Scan will allow scan to pdf. Does it for you? I agree that the 7820N is a GREAT multi fx device. I also have really come to love Control Center 3. Vitaly will using the 7440N drivers allow for local (usb) scan to pdf? I plan on trying these and will report back on what I discover

  14. Ok, I hit a snag & need advice. I wanted to do a LOCAL (usb) install. D/L the Full Win7 package & did custom install as suggested but it will not let you uncheck the printer driver in Local mode, only Network. I’m debating trying the 7440N in Local w/ all the drivers or going to the trouble to figure out how to do a network install (home office – printer right next to desktop so usb is so easy..) Has anybody got it to work in Local mode? Is setting it up for network printing/scanning hard or as simple as using ethernet cable instead of usb. Thanks!

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